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Official Website for the Vegas band Astral Tree. Listen to our debut album The Roots of Eclipse, out on all major streaming platforms.



Part 1

One musician has it all. Money, fame, power, respect. All he has to do is shut up and play the same recycled music his bandmates have come up with, and he’ll be fine. The only problem is that he is haunted by his dreams. Not nightmares, rather dreams of his ideal life. A much simpler life in a beautiful world with a woman he can’t quite recognize. The money means nothing, the fame is holding him back, the power and respect are all phony. He slowly realizes that the people he’s surrounded himself with don’t truly care about him, only a caricature of him. When he wants to present who he really is to the world, he is constantly told to get back in his shell. He is the puppet, they pull the strings. As the real world is painfully proving itself to be fake, he continues to wish the fake world to be real. The world he sees where everyone is free. The world under the astral tree.

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